Ulitmate Guide On How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Live Online Free via Official Sources

FIFA has announced extensive TV and Online streaming rights for World Cup 2022 around the world. Almost every territory/Region has bought TV and Online rights for world's bigest tournament. Most of them are free-to-air channels however there are countries where you will have to fork out big subscription fee to get live action from the world cup.

So we decided to produce an indepth guide on how you can watch the upcoming world cup absolutely free from anywhere in the world.

Using VPN To Watch World Cup 2022 Streams Live Online Free of Cost

Like always, BBC and ITV has the 2022 World Cup rights in the UK. Both of these channels will share the coverage and 32 matches will be on BBC and the other 32 will be on ITV. Now both of these channels are absolutely free to UK residents both on their TV and via their online platforms called BBC Iplayer and ITVHUB.

Since both of these channels are free in the UK it opens up oppertunity for people outside UK to watch BBC and ITV coverage official for a small fee of VPN. All you need to get is an VPN account and you are good to go.

VPN for World Cup 2022 Live Streaming

World Cup 2022 live streaming

Now first of all you should check if your local channel is showing the World cup on free to air channels you need to subscribe to premium channels. If you are in part of the world where subscription is needed you better check out our guide on "VPN for Live Stream" to get official world cup coverage

  1. Buy and VPN account costs around $5/7 a month. (we recommended ExpressVPN)
  2. After buying the VPN account, download their official app on the device you want to watch world cup live streams
  3. After installing app, open the app and select UK as your IP address.
  4. Once UK IP is selected. Visit BBC iplayer website or ITV Hub website in your browser.
  5. There you have it, now you are watching FIFA World Cup 2022 live coverage from official sources like BBC or ITV absolutely free just like any UK resident. 

What other way you can watch World Cup 2022 Live Streams Online ?

Well this is the dedicated FIFA World Cup website where every single match is posted. 1 hour before the start of every game you will find live streaming links for free. 

Now unlike other streaming sites who usually only have 1 streaming option at this website you will find over 100+ working links. As we dont host/publish any streams, it is done by streamers themselves. Higher the streamers reputation higher his link will be in the links thread.

  1. Visit the homepage
  2. scroll down to the upcoming matches list. Click "Live Stream" button next to the match you want to see 
  3. you have your self 100+ working links for that world cup game.